Superannuation & Investment Strategies

Beyond iWealth provide holistic strategic advice tailored to you. Holistic means that we are able to look at your entire financial circumstances, we also have expert property advisers and mortgage lenders that we work with in order to assist you to achieve your Financial goals in Melbourne.


Many people find the superannuation system confusing and feel disengaged with their money. We are able to provide education to ensure you have an understanding of what superannuation is and also what you should and should not do.

We specialise in assisting you to understand and re engage with your superannuation. We are then able to assist you to set and achieve retirement goals which are realistic and inline with your goals.

We encourage anyone who has more than one super fund to arrange a time to meet with us as you should only have one fund, more than one fund will mean you are paying more fees than you need to.


Investing is an important part of any strategy. You should always ensure you are invested that best suits your personal style.

Beyond iWealth works with each individuals personal investment comfort and works with them to assist them to achieve the outcomes they desire.

We also provide education around investing and assist you to step outside your comfort zone if you are required to.

It is important to take a holistic view if you are investing as this will also impact your superannuation, insurance and may impact your retirement planning.


Insurance sometimes gets a bad wrap as many people see they are paying premiums however may not have a need to use the insurance, which is a GOOD thing.

Unfortunately the statistics are against us and at one point in out life we will be either diagnosed or suffer an illness or injury that will impact our ability to earn income. This in turn will impact your investment strategy, your superannuation contributions and ultimately your retirement. It is for this reason that insurance is so important to any holistic planning strategy.

We also offer excellent and realistic advice around life insurance, disability insurance, Trauma and child cover. Please contact us for more information.

Self Managed Super Funds

As more and more people become disengaged with the current superannuation, we are seeing more and more people wanting to take control of their destiny.

Self managed super funds (SMSF) allow a greater choice on the assets you invest in however there are big restrictions on how you can use the assets.

Beyond iWealth are specialists in Self managed super funds (SMSF) and especially on purchasing property with your super.

Retirement Planning

Retirement can be a a very exciting and daunting time for many hard working people. For the first time in their life they will no longer be generating an income and have the same access to keep money coming is as they have before.

Strategic financial advice can provide peace of mind about what you need and how you can have security around your money while watching it grow. We are also able to assist your clients to remove the stress of outliving their money through our expert planning.

If you are over 55 years old you may be able to benefit from receiving part of your income tax free if you are still working. Contact us for more information.

Purchasing Property with Super

A number of our clients are passionate about property and like to invest their superannuation money into direct unlisted residential property as well as commercial and rural property.

We are experts at assisting our clients to achieve their property portfolio dreams with the use of super funds.

We are also able to offer many solutions to our clients to meet their property desires. we are also able to offer them the ability to invest in direct unlisted property through their retire super fund and not just Self-Managed Super Funds.