The motivation to invest in property differs from person to person. While Person A may pursue commercial interests, Person B might just be looking for a residential property investment. It’s for this very reason that exploring various avenues for financing your next property purchase is a great idea.

The team of financial planning experts at Beyond I Wealth are dedicated to helping clients broaden their financial horizons. With a knowledgeable and experienced financial planner on your side, it’s easier to find the best funding option to suit your specific needs.The Australian property market is healthy, yet not entirely predictable. One option to help you acquire wealth is a well thought-out self-managed super fund, or SMSF property investment. The following are just a few ways you can benefit from this option:

  1. Save Up for Retirement

Your superfund is meant to help you plan for a comfortable retirement. An SMSF property investment opens up your options for reliable returns to use on a rainy day. Some seasoned property investors prefer an SMSF investment because there are ways to save money while making money under this option.

  1. You Can Partner Up to Generate More Capital

An SMSF property investment allows you to pool your resources. You can have up to 6 members on your SMSF to make a property investment more attainable. Once you can afford the property, you can rent it out to make an income.

  1. Reasonable Tax Benefits on SMSF Property Investments

The tax on income received from renting out your property is generally capped at around 15%. This is relatively lower than the tax you would pay with a regular property investment. Once you reach pensionable age, both the rental income or income from selling the property on the market will come tax-free.

  1. All Expenses Are Taken Care of By the Fund

Your SMSF takes care of most expenses relating to the property. From the initial deposits to insurance, interest and more, an SMSF property investment is pocket-friendly.

The insightful financial planners Melbourne at Beyond I Wealth can help you put together a solid SMSF Investment Strategy. With us on your side, all your investment eggs will be left in the right baskets.

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