Beyond iWealth are passionate about assisting clients to achieve their goals. As we are privately owned and not by any banks or institutions we are able to provide products that are best for your strategy.


Pamela Anderson, the principal of Beyond iWealth is passionate about helping her clients, and leads a team of like-minded planners. All of our planners are highly educated with years of industry experience, and are dedicated to putting our clients needs first. As a practice we pride ourselves on our ability to educate our clients and assist them with achieving financial freedom. .

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Pamela Anderson is one of the lead Mums in Millionaire Mums Australia.

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Congratulations to Pamela Anderson

Congratulations to Pamela Anderson for being a finalist in the SMSF Adviser of the year and SMSF investment strategist of the year for the SMSF & Accounting industry awards.


Please contact us to speak to our SMSF expert on how you can maximize your superannuation and invest in property.  1300 633 313

  • Achieve your retirement goals
  • Take control of your future
  • No more worry about Government changes to Super contributions
SMSF Investment Strategist of The Year
SMSF Adviser of The Year

Fix Your Finances with an Expert Financial Planner in Melbourne

Why do we spend our entire lives working hard? While answers from different people will vary, one of the main reasons Aussies work most of their lives is the pursuit of financial freedom. At Beyond iWealth, we are proud to educate and assist our clients to reach this goal. You can jumpstart your journey to financial freedom with an expert financial advisor and planner in Melbourne too!

Money affords you access to an assortment of basic needs, wants and – most importantly – wealth-creation channels. This access should be reason enough to ensure that you’re using your money the best way possible.

Why Beyond iWealth is an Industry Leader

The Beyond iWealth team is dedicated to helping you take your finances to the next level. We are a privately owned entity, which enables us to focus our efforts on the unique circumstances of each client. With us, there’s no interference from banks or large institutions, meaning we can provide you with the best strategic products for specific needs.

Our Services Include:

We offer expert assistance to help you manage and understand your superannuation. Through a Self Managed Super Fund or Buying Investment Property With Superannuation, we are then able to assist you to set and achieve your retirement goals.

Our services will guide you as you navigate the uncertain and complicated world of life insurance, child and trauma cover and disability insurance. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions.

Our services look into all avenues of your finances to help you manage them better. You can plan for the future, focus on cash management and make strategic investments with the Beyond iWealth. We offer retirement planning, investment services and more.

The Beyond iWealth Team

Pamela Anderson is the principal of Beyond iWealth and leader of the team. We are all passionate about helping our clients to achieve and exceed all their financial goals. All of our planners have many years of financial planning industry experience and are of course well educated in the field. We always put the needs of our clients first and hold ourselves to industry standards.

Take your finances to the next level with an expert financial advisor and planner in Melbourne.

Call us on 1300 633 616 or send an email to info@beyondiwealth.com.au.